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eiConsole v.24R1


Migration Guide – Windows



You should use the new Tomcat install when migrating or installing to the new eiPlatform version. The exe version of the install has been deprecated as of release 24R1. It is recommended to use the Tomcat install even if you are migrating to an older version of the eiPlatform.

This document assumes you are installing on a server that doesn’t have the eiPlatform running as a service. If you do, please shut it down first and set its startup type to Manual in services.

Pre-Installation Steps

We are assuming that the installation to be migrated is in:

c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows

    1. Backup your current Interfaces in eip-root directory in your current PilotFish eiPlatform installation directory:
      c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\eip-root\interfaces
    2. Backup eipServer.conf in directory:
      c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\server\eip
    3. Backup environment-settings.conf in directory:
      c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\eip-root
    4. Backup logConfig.xml in directory:
      c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows
    5. Backup any custom lib files in:
      1. c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\runtime\lib
      2. c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\jre\lib
      3. If you are using an older version currently that supports jar’s in the Working Directory lib folder, also backup those. They can be found in {WORKING_DIRECTORY}/lib. Loading jar’s from the {WORKING_DIRECTORY}/lib has been deprecated.
    6. Backup entire c:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Service directory in case you missed something in previous backup steps
    7. If you are installing on a new server, copy the Backup files to the new server for use after the eiPlatform Tomcat Installation

eiPlatform Tomcat Installation

You will need to create a folder like C:\PilotFish where you’ll install the software required for the eiPlatform. We will assume C:\PilotFish as the installation folder for the rest of this document, although it could be any folder.

Step 1: Downloading and Installing OpenJDK Java 17

Step 2: Downloading and Installing Apache Tomcat 10

Step 3: Deployment of the eiPlatform WAR into Tomcat

Starting and stopping the Tomcat service

Configuring the eiPlatform after Tomcat Install

    1. Copy the backup files from the Pre-Installation Steps – Step#1 to
    2. Copy the backup version of eipServer.conf file from Pre-Installation Steps – Step#2 to
    3. Copy the backup version of environment-settings.conf from Pre-Installation Steps – Step#3 to
    4. Copy the backup version of logConfig.xml file from Pre-Installation Steps – Step#4 to
    5. Copy the lib files from Pre-Installation Steps – Step#5 to

Post Configuring the eiPlatform Steps

After you do the configuration, please restart the server. Check the eip.log and confirm there are no errors.

Starting, Stopping and Restarting the Tomcat Service

Regression Test All Routes

Perform regression tests for all the things you know should work and were working in the older version of the eiPlatform to make sure everything is working properly with the new version.

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