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eiConsole v.20R1

PilotFish eiPlatform Performance Guidelines

When configured and tuned properly, the eiPlatform itself is rarely the cause of poor performance.  An instance of the eiPlatform running on a 4 Core 16GB server processes in excess of 1,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) end-to-end (or from when received by the Listener to when it exits the Transport), for both X12 EDI and HL7 transactions.

That being said, here are some causes that can lead to bad performance:

How to attain maximum performance:

PilotFish technical staff have considerable experience and expertise in optimizing XSLT and are always available to provide support.

For more information on NTM, please review the “Threading Module NTM Manual“.  

PilotFish IT staff can assist you with optimizing for performance after gaining a thorough understanding of your use case, architecture and interface flows.

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