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eiConsole v.20R1

eiPlatform – Basic Concepts


1. The Listener component “listens” for information being output by the source system. Listeners include all common connectivity methods such as TCP/IP, Database Table, Directory, Email (POP3), Encrypted FTP, FTP, HTTP Post, JMS, Programmable Java and SOAP Web Service. Custom Listeners may also be used to supplement those provided through the use of the eiPlatform Extension Interface.

After a Listener has received a transaction, but before it is passed to the next stage, the transaction can be passed to a sequence of Processors. A Processor is a modular component that is capable of performing various operations – image handling, decryption, decompression, authentication, XML to PDF, TIFF to XML, etc.


2. The Transform component transforms the data from the proprietary format of the system it came from into a common format – typically an industry standard. Companies can also define their own “common model”, extend an existing standard or use a hybrid representing a combination of industry standards.


3. The Router component routes the data to the target system or systems using a routing rules engine. The Router also captures and reports transaction detail, audit information and errors.


4. The second Transform component transforms the data from the industry standard XML format to the format(s) of the target system or systems.


5. The Transport component is responsible for the delivery of the data to the target system or systems in the exact format and transport method required. Transports include support for TCP/IP, Database Tables, Directories, SMTP (outgoing email), FTP, JMS, SFTP, and HTTP Post. Custom Transports may also be used to supplement those provided through the use of the eiPlatform Extension Interface.

Any interface deployed to the eiPlatform can have as many source and target systems as required, and an unlimited number of interfaces can be deployed to a single instance of the eiPlatform.

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