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eiConsole v.24R1


How to Find Your eiPlatform Version

PilotFish Splash Page Method

On recent versions of the eiPlatform, you can navigate to your PilotFish Splash Page, which is the root application path for the eiPlatform. On older Windows installs, it will likely be on the machine’s 8443 port, so you can just use a browser to hit http://localhost:8443 and you will see a page similar to this:

How to Find Your eiPlatform Version

If you are using an application container like Tomcat, it will typically be running on port 8080 and the application context will be the name of the war file. For example, if you have an eip.war file, the URL would be http://localhost:8080/eip.

Depending on the installation, there may be variations on either of the above, so if you are unsure, reach out to PilotFish support for help.

Log File Method

The other way to check your version would be to check the startup logs in your eip.log file. On older Windows installations, this path would typically be in this directory:

C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\logs\eip.log

If it has been a while since startup, you may need to restart the instance (if possible) to see the message pop up in the logs. You will need to enable debug logging if it is turned off, which, on the same install, would be located at this location:

C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\logConfig.xml

Changing the log levels to debug will enable the line to be logged.

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