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File Management Edit Title Bar

File Management Edit Title Bar

Add route
Add Route allows user to create a new route.

Edit route
Edit Route allows user to edit existing route.

Add Interface Package
Add Interface Package allows user to create new interface package.

Create Copy
Copy allows user to copy selected component.

Rename allows user to rename selected element.

Delete allows user to delete selected component.

Copy allows user to copy selected component to clipboard.

Paste allows user to paste (import) component from clipboard into selected interface.

Create Folder
Create Folder allows user to create a new directory.

Open File
Open File allows user to open selected file.

Add File
Add File allows user to add a file.

Delete File
Delete File allows user to delete a file.

Enable/Disable Commercial Mark
It allows user to enable or disable commercial mark.

Metadata Display
Metadata Display allows user to customize metadata display.

Edit Description
Edit Description allows user to edit description of the selected component.

Define Global Transaction Monitors
Define Global Transaction Monitors allows user to set Global Transaction Monitors. There are 4 tramsaction monitor types: Batch Failure Monitor, Email Alert, Error Route Trigger or SNMP Trap.

Transaction Attribute Serializers
Transaction Attribute Serializers allows user to open Transaction Attribute Serializers Configuration window.

Define Global Stage Listener
Define Global Stage Listener opens Global Stage Listeners dialog.

Configure Common Modules
Configure Common Modules opens Configure Common Modules dialog.

Search By Name
Search By Name allows user to search working directory for given string in name.

Enable/disable Server View
Enables or disables server view.

Local eiPlatform Emulator
Luanches Local eiPlatform Emulator.

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