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Testing Window

Testing Window

The Testing Window is effectively the same window as the normal application, except for the fact that it changes the current state of the application. When the eiConsole is in testing mode, the application layout is still functionally equivalent as to when it is in the (default) editing mode. It is composed of a toolbar, a routing panel, and an information (testing) panel.

Execute Test Button
The Execute Test Button executes the testing procedure, iterating through each step of the route and flagging each component appropriately as it passes through it.

Clear Test Config Button
The Clear Test Configuration Button clears all configurations made to the current testing context.

Routing Panel
The Routing Panel is equivalent in testing mode to its editing mode counterpart, excepting only in its icons. The icons are functionally crucial to the testing process. A question mark designates that no test has been run on that particular component, a green arrow represents the starting point for the test, a blue arrow represents a successful information pass through the component, and a red X represents an error in the information pass through the component.

Testing Panel
The Testing Panel allows the user to configure the test for the selected component.

Test Configuration Chooser
Test Configuration Chooser allows user to choose saved configuration.

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