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eiConsole for Healthcare – Documentation (Home)

eiConsole for Healthcare Getting Started Tutorial

This tutorial introduces the user to specific features and components that make configuring healthcare interfaces dramatically easier and faster with the eiConsole. We recommend that new users complete the eiConsole Quick Start Tutorial and General Level I Tutorials (Modules 1-12) before moving on to the healthcare-specific tutorials and documentation.

Novice HL7 users can become productive quickly with the eiConsole’s HL7 specific features:  

  1. Friendly Names – replaces cryptic HL7 names with simple, understandable synonyms
  2. Inline Documentation – browse the HL7 vocabulary, including codelists within the app
  3. Differencing Engine – automates mapping between slightly incompatible HL7 messages 
  4. Read in all versions of HL7 2.x and 3.x – via dropdown menus
  5. Lenient HL7 Parser – work with messages not strictly adherent to the HL7 standard

If you have not recently installed the eiConsole, click eiConsole Update. (Download the eiConsole for Healthcare Bundle which includes the sample files you’ll need to do the tutorials. 

Healthcare Tutorial PDF
Healthcare Tutorial PDF

Healthcare Tutorial Online
Healthcare Tutorial Online

Healthcare Tutorial Word Docx
Healthcare Tutorial Docx

Additional eiConsole for Healthcare Documentation & Tutorials

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