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eiConsole – Insurance Documentation (Home)

Welcome. If you have not done so already, to learn eiConsole basics new users should work through the eiConsole Quick Start Tutorial before moving on to other tutorials or reference materials.

With the reference materials below you can learn to leverage the capabilities of the eiConsole for ACORD. It is the only integration tool on the market that supports the insurance and ACORD-specific requirements for Life, Annuity & Health, Property & Casualty and Reinsurance lines of business. As you go through the demonstrations and tutorials you’ll learn how to import both the ACORD XSD and ACORD Metadata, instantly. Take advantage of pre-built transaction templates for all ACORD messages and save time with searchable ACORD Metadata documentation.

Learn how to take advantage of the eiConsole for ACORD’s support for “drag & drop” Code lists and Type codes and Role-based relations. See how it enables ACORD-compliant Model extensions. You’ll also learn how you can upgrade from one ACORD release to another in just minutes.

Learn to leverage the eiConsole for DTCC, too. Whether your organization is sending or receiving DTCC supported data formats, and regardless of whether you’re using the widely adopted IPS file layouts or the emerging ACORD TX Life Web Service transactions, the eiConsole for DTCC provides a rich suite of tools to facilitate implementation, reduce project timelines, and control costs.

If you are looking for some specific capabilities or need help, please contact us at

ACORD Reference Materials



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