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Installing the eiPlatform for Windows

Getting Started

The eiPlatform for Windows is a standalone eiPlatform/eiConsole installation which runs as a Windows Service. To install the eiPlatform, you will need administrative access to the Target machine as well as the installer executable, typically named eiPlatformWindows_windows-*.exe. The installer file name will also include the target architecture (x86/x64) and version/revision numbers.

Begin the installation by right-clicking the eiPlatform installation file and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

Installation Startup


Once started, you should be presented with this screen as the installer file extracts and prepares the installation process. You may cancel the installation at this time by selecting Cancel.

Installer Startup Screen


The first dialog provides a description of the installer. Click Next to continue.

License Agreement


This dialog contains the eiPlatform and eiConsole licensing agreement(s). Please read through the contents of the license and, if you accept the terms of the license, select “I accept the agreement.” and then click Next.

Destination Directory


This dialog allows you to specify the installation location/path of the eiPlatform and its bundled eiConsole. If you need to modify this, you can do so in the Destination directory field. After selecting a directory or leaving the default, click Next.

Installation Options


This dialog offers configuration options. Here you can specify if the eiPlatform general documentation should be included (option 2) and if the eiConsole (option 3) should be installed. After selecting which options you’d like, click Next.

Windows Service Name

This dialog allows you to specify the name of the Windows Service that will be created to start and stop the eiPlatform.  If installing multiple copies of the eiPlatform on the same server, each installation should be given a unique service name.  After specifying the service name, click Next.

Start Menu Location


This dialog provides a location to specify the eiPlatform start menu shortcut, provided you wish to add one. You can select if a shortcut should be created via the Create a Start Menu folder option. After configuring the start menu shortcut options, click Next to continue.

Installing Dialog


This dialog provides the current progress for the installation process. Once completed, you will be automatically taken to the next screen.

eiPlatform Setup


The final stage of the installation allows you to immediately start the eiPlatform service (via the Start Service option) or launch the eiPlatform settings configuration tool (via the Configure Service option). Click Finish to complete the installation.

Installation Overview

The eiPlatform should now be installed in the location you specified. This is typically some variant of C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows.

Once the eiPlatform is started from the Windows Services screen, you should see log files appear in the logs subfolder of the eiPlatform install. By default, the log file will be named eip.log and will “rollover” at midnight. You may also see an eas_console.log, which provides lower-level logging information for cases when the eiPlatform cannot start up or initialize its logging system. Logging changes can be made in the logConfig.xml file, which is a commented XML configuration file.

You can change the eiPlatform configuration at any time by directly editing eipServer.conf or running the EIPSettingsEditor.exeapplication. Changes to eiPlatform settings performed this way will require a restart of the service.




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