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Training Survey

PilotFish Product Training Survey

Trainer Curriculum

After you have completed the training program please complete the following survey:

1. How well do you feel the training prepared you to be productive using the eiConsole?

2. Did the training include sufficient coverage of functionality that you will need to successfully develop and test your first known interfaces?

3. How would you rank the amount of time spent doing demos and instructions vs doing the hands on exercises?

4. How would you rate the quality of the training materials?

5. How would you rate the length of time spent training?

6. How would you rate PilotFish reference documentation on our Online Resource Center?

7. Is there any area where you think we could improve our training? If so, please explain.

8. As a new eiConsole user, do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our product?

Trainer Quality

1. Did the trainer have thorough and in depth knowledge of the product?

2. Did the trainer actively elicit questions and your participation?

3. Was the trainer able to answer all the questions that were posed?

4. Did the trainer provide you with individual attention, if needed?

5. Was the trainer prepared for the training?

6. Did the trainer present the material in a professional manner?

Post Training

1. Do you feel you would benefit from advanced training after you have worked with the product for a few months?

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