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Directory/File Listener

With the eiConsole’s Directory/File Listener (Adapter) You Can Periodically Poll a Directory for a File or Set of Files That Will Be Picked Up and Used to Initiate a Transaction

The Directory/File Listener (Adapter) allows the eiConsole and eiPlatform to periodically poll a Directory for a file or set of files that will be picked up and used to initiate a transaction. The Directory/File Listener component of the eiConsole provides a graphical Interface with easy to configure screens.

Directory or File Listener Selection in PilotFish Interface Engine

Listener (Adapter) Configuration Drop-Down List

The Directory/File Listener offers nine tabs for configuring the behavior: Basic, Advanced, Transaction Logging, Inactivity, Throttling, Post-Process, Scheduling, Criteria, and Sorting.

Basic Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

The Basic tab includes the required Polling Interval for how often to scan the Directory.

Directory Listener Basic Configuration Options in PilotFish

Directory/File Listener Basic Configuration Options

The Polling Directory allows you to specify which Directory you would like to poll. Click on the three dots to the right of the Directory name in order to show the window below.

Directory Adapter (Listener) Configuration Options

Select the Polling Directory File

Features such as the File Name restriction allow you to specify a set of characters required in the file name. The File Extension Restriction allows you to specify the file extensions that you will process. Tokenizers allow you to specify a character after which to split the file into multiple Transactions. By default, the eiConsole will treat the entire file as the data stream to be handled as 1 message. However, if each line of the file represents a different record you would enter a value, such as the new line delimiter, in this space.

Polling Directory Listener Configuration Options in PilotFish

Example of Basic Configuration Options

Advanced Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

The Advanced tab allows you to specify whether or not you should only run the Listener when it is triggered externally, how many elements should be serialized, and whether or not to also scan subfolders.

Also, you can set the following options:

Directory Adapter (Listener) Advanced Configuration Options

Directory/File Listener Advanced Configuration Options (top half of screen)

Directory Listener (Adapter) Advanced Configuration Options

Directory/File Listener Listener Advanced Configuration Options (bottom half of screen)

Transaction Logging Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

On the Transaction Logging tab, you are allowed to enable transaction events logging. That data can be logged by a TransactionEventListener.

Transaction Logging Configuration Options for Directory Listener in PilotFish

Directory/File Listener Transaction Logging Configuration Options

Inactivity Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

On the Inactivity tab, you are allowed to specify:

Inactivity Polling Options for Directory Listener in PilotFish

Directory/File Listener Inactivity Configuration Options

Throttling Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

On the Throttling tab, you are allowed to specify:

Directory/File Listener Throttling Mode Selections

Directory/File Listener Throttling Mode

Throttling Configuration Options for Directory Adapter or Listener in PilotFish Integration Engine

Directory/File Listener Throttling Configuration Options

Post-Process Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

The Post-Process tab allows you to specify the behavior of the system after a file has been picked up by the Listener. You can delete or move the file.

Directory Listener (Adapter) Post-Process Configuration Options in PilotFish Interface Engine

Directory/File Listener Post-Process Configuration Options

If you choose to move a file, the Target Directory field is required. This allows you to specify the directory to use for the processed files.

Directory Listener (Adapter) Post-Process Target in PilotFish Interface Engine

Select the Target Directory

Scheduling Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

The Scheduling tab allows you to specify the start times and end times for the scheduled execution (choose the three dots to the right of the field in order to see this window). Also, you can specify days of the week or particular dates to exclude from scheduling. The Time Zone drop-down menu allows you to specify the Time Zone that should be used for scheduling; by default, it is set to the Time Zone of the console during initial configuration.

Directory Listener Scheduling Options in PilotFish Interface Engine

Directory/File Listener Scheduling Configuration Options

Criteria Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

On the Criteria tab, you are allowed to specify:

Directory Listener Criteria Settings in PilotFish Interface Engine

Directory/File Listener Criteria Configuration Options

Sorting Directory/File Listener Configuration Options

On the Sorting tab, you are allowed to specify:

Directory Listener Sorting Options in PilotFish Integration Engine

Directory/File Listener Sorting Configuration Options

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