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HTTP POST Listener

Easily Configure an HTTP POST Listener (Adapter) with the eiConsole

The eiConsole allows the user options for configuring an HTTP Post Listener or Adapter. As with all the components of the eiConsole, the user is presented with a graphical Interface with easy-to-configure screens.

HTTP POST Listener Configuration in PilotFish Middleware

Listener (Adapter) Configuration Drop-Down List


Basic HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Basic tab, you will specify the Request Path. This is the extra information at the end of the URL that will be used to indicate that the data posted should be sent to this interface. The timeout specifies the amount of time in milliseconds that the Listener should wait before timing out on a synchronous response. 60,000 milliseconds = 60 seconds.

HTTP POST Basic Listener Configuration in PilotFish Engine

HTTP POST Listener Basic Configuration Options


Advanced HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

Here you can choose to initialize this Listener only when triggered, whether or not it should wait for a synchronous response and choose whether or not to send HTTP headers in the response.

On the Advanced tab, you can set the maximum number of Transactions to process at a time; whether or not subfolders should be searched for files as well; whether or not the Listener reads in all matching files as a single stream; the number of lines to treat as header lines (the header of the first file is included and skipped in all other files); a Regex expression which must be contained by the full folder path of the file to be picked up (typically this will only be used if you are using the ‘Include Subfolder’ option).

HTTP POST Advanced Listener Configuration Options

HTTP POST Advanced Configuration Options (top half of screen)


HTTP POST Listener/Adapter Advanced Configuration Options in PilotFish

HTTP POST Advanced Configuration Options (bottom half of screen)


Transaction Logging HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Transaction Logging tab, you can enable transaction events logging. That data can be logged by a Transaction Event Listener (TransactionEventListener).

HTTP POST Transaction Logging Options in PilotFish Integration Engine

HTTP POST Listener Transaction Logging Configuration Options


Inactivity HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Inactivity tab you can specify:

HTTP POST Listener or Adapter Inactivity Configuration Options

HTTP POST Listener Inactivity Configuration Options


Throttling HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Throttling tab, you can specify:

HTTP POST Listener Throttling Mode Selections

HTTP POST Listener Throttling Mode


Throttling Configuration Options for HTTP POST Adapter or Listener in PilotFish Integration Engine

HTTP POST Listener Throttling Configuration Options


WSDL HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the WSDL tab, you can specify:

WSDL HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options in PilotFish Middleware

HTTP POST Listener WSDL Configuration Options


Authentication HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Authentication tab, you can specify the usage of Basic Authentication.

HTTP POST Listener Authentication Options in PilotFish Integration Engine

HTTP POST Listener Authentication Configuration Options


Resources HTTP POST Listener Configuration Options

On the Resources tab, you can specify:

HTTP POST Listener/Adapter Additional Resource Configuration Options

HTTP POST Listener Resources Configuration Options

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