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Serial Listener

The Serial Listener listens for data via a specified serial device.

Listener (Adapter) Configuration Drop-Down List

Basic Serial Listener Configuration Options

On the Basic tab, you can specify the implementation type.

Serial Listener Basic Configuration Options

Advanced Serial Listener Configuration Options

The Advanced tab allows you to specify whether or not you should only run the Listener when it is triggered externally, how many elements should be serialized and whether or not to also scan sub-folders.

Also, you can set:

Serial Listener Advanced Configuration Options

Transaction Logging Serial Listener Configuration Options

On the Transaction Logging tab, you can enable transaction events logging. That data can be logged by a Transaction Event Listener (TransactionEventListener).

Serial Listener Transaction Logging Configuration Options

Inactivity Serial Listener Configuration Options

On the Inactivity tab you can specify:

Serial Listener Inactivity Configuration Options

Throttling Serial Listener Configuration Options

On the Throttling tab, you can specify:

Serial Listener Throttling Configuration Options

Serial Config Serial Listener Configuration Options

To enable the Serial Config tab click on the Open Config button

Serial Listener Basic Configuration Options

On the Serial Config tab you can specify:

Serial Listener Serial Config Configuration Options

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