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RabbitMQ Listener

The RabbitMQ Listener listens to RabbitMQ Queue for any incoming messages.

The RabbitMQ Listener (Adapter) allows you to configure a RabbitMQ Listener from the Listener Type drop-down menu.

RabbitMQ Listener Configuration in PilotFish Integration Engine

Listener (Adapter) Configuration Drop-Down List

Connection RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

On the Connection tab, you can specify:

RabbitMQ Listener Connection Configuration Options in PilotFish Engine

RabbitMQ Listener Connection Configuration Options

Consume RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

On the Consume tab, you can specify:

RabbitMQ Listener Queue, Mode, Pattern Configuration Options in PilotFish Engine

RabbitMQ Listener Consume Configuration Options

Declare RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

The Declare configuration tab allows you to specify:

RabbitMQ Listener Durability for Exchanges Configuration Options in PilotFish Engine

RabbitMQ Listener Declare Configuration Options

Advanced RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

The Advanced tab allows you to specify:

RabbitMQ Advanced Listener Configuration Options

RabbitMQ Advanced Configuration Options (top half of screen)

RabbitMQ Listener/Adapter Advanced Configuration Options in PilotFish

RabbitMQ Advanced Configuration Options (bottom half of screen)

Transaction Logging RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

On the Transaction Logging tab, you can enable transaction events logging. That data can be logged by a Transaction Event Listener (TransactionEventListener).

RabbitMQ Transaction Logging Options in PilotFish Integration Engine

RabbitMQ Listener Transaction Logging Configuration Options

Inactivity RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

On the Inactivity tab you can specify:

RabbitMQ Listener or Adapter Inactivity Configuration Options

RabbitMQ Listener Inactivity Configuration Options

Throttling RabbitMQ Listener Configuration Options

On the Throttling tab, you can specify:

RabbitMQ Listener Throttling Mode Selections

RabbitMQ Listener Throttling Mode

Throttling Configuration Options for RabbitMQ Adapter or Listener in PilotFish Integration Engine

RabbitMQ Listener Throttling Configuration Options

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