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AS2 Listener

AS2 Listener

The AS2 Listener receives incoming messages from an AS2 server via HTTP Post request. It is able to handle all forms of encryption, signature validation, and compression that are defined in the AS2 protocol.

1. Basic: On the Basic tab, you can specify the request path of the HTTP endpoint to receive messages.

2. Advanced: The Advanced tab is used to specify if SSL encryption is required for incoming messages. If selected, any plain-text messages will be automatically rejected.

3. KeyStore: On the KeyStore tab, you can specify:

KeyStore Path: The path to the KeyStore file where the decryption key is stored.

KeyStore Type: The type of KeyStore. We support PKCS12, JKS, and JCEKS KeyStore types.

KeyStore Password: If needed, password to unlock the KeyStore.

Decryption Key Alias: The alias of the private key to be used for decryption.

Decryption Key Password: If the private key is password-protected, this is where that password can be provided. If no password is needed, leave blank.

4. Signature: If the AS2 sender signs their messages, the Signature tab is where the certificate file can be provided for signature verification.

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