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MSMQ Listener

The MSMQ Listener listens to an MSMQ queue for incoming messages.

This Listener has two tabs: Basic and Advanced. The eiConsole supports data coming in through a Microsoft MQ queue.

1. Basic: You will be required to input the MSMQ Host Name (the host name for the MSMQ queue), the MSMQ queue name and the Receive Wait interval (the amount of time in milliseconds to wait).

2. Advanced: At the Advanced tab, you can specify:

Initialize on trigger only: If enabled, Listener doesn’t start up until a trigger initializes it.
Allow command-line invocation: If enabled, Listener can be invoked using the CLI client application.

Restart on listening error: If enabled, Listener will be restarted after an error occurs.

FIFO Queue Name: The FIFO stuff enables a “First In, First Out” queuing mechanism between Listeners and Transports. If a “FIFO Queue Name” is provided, that name will be used as a key for a queue Transactions & will be pushed into before reaching a transport. They’ll be ordered in this queue according to when the Listener created them.

FIFO Queue Delay: It is the interval between updates/checks against that queue. Providing a queue name guarantees that a given Transport sends transactions in the same order the Listener created them in.

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