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Static Polling Listener

Static Polling Listener – Uses the same input (from file) to trigger a route at the specified interval

Select the Static Polling Listener from the Listener Type drop down. There are 2 tabs: Basic and Advanced.

1. Basic: In the Basic tab, you can specify:

Polling Interval: Specifies how often the route should be triggered.
Input file: Specifies the file to be utilized as the input. Note that network paths are not evaluated in eiConsole.

2. Advanced: At the Advanced tab, you can specify:

Initialize on trigger only: If enabled, Listener doesn’t start up until a trigger initializes it.
Allow command-line invocation: If enabled, Listener can be invoked using the CLI client application.

Restart on listening error: If enabled, Listener will be restarted after an error occurs.

FIFO Queue Name: The FIFO stuff enables a “First In, First Out” queuing mechanism between Listeners and Transports. If a “FIFO Queue Name” is provided, that name will be used as a key for a queue Transactions & will be pushed into before reaching a transport. They’ll be ordered in this queue according to when the Listener created them.

FIFO Queue Delay: It is the interval between updates/checks against that queue. Providing a queue name guarantees that a given Transport sends transactions in the same order the Listener created them in.

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