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LDAP Transport

The LDAP Transport – Stores data to an LDAP server using LDIF file from Transaction Data.

Select the LDAP from the Transport Type drop-down.

This Listener has 2 tabs: Connection and Input.

1. Connection – in the Connection tab you can specify:

URL: URL of the LDAP server.
Use SSL: Use SSL for LDAP connection or not.
User Name (Principal): LDAP username (e.g., cn=jdoe, ou=employees, o=Pilotfish)
Password: LDAP password.
Authentication type: Authentication style for the LDAP connection. It can be Simple or DIGEST-MD5.

2. Input – In the Input tab you can specify:
XML Input Expected: XML input expected instead of LDIF file. If selected, input will be translated from XML to LDIF automatically.

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