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AWS SQS Transport

The AWS SQS Transport pushes the transaction data to the designated SQS queue.

1. On the Basic tab you can specify:

Queue Name: The queue to receive messages from.

Message Attributes: Any attributes to attach to the message should be defined here as key value pairs.

2. Credentials: In this tab, you can specify:

On the Credentials tab, you can set the necessary credentials for the connection.

Region: Specify the AWS Region to connect to.

Use Credentials from: Specifies method of getting the credentials. Note: choosing the ‘No Credentials’ option will only allow access to public buckets.

Access Key Id: Access Key Id for making calls to Amazon services.

Secret Key: Secret access key for making calls to Amazon services.

Session Token: If using AWS STS, this is for the limited-use session token. If not using STS, leave blank.

AWS File Path: Specifies the file path where the AWS profile configuration file is located.

Profile Name: Specifies the name of a local configuration profile.

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