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RabbitMQ Transport

The RabbitMQ Transport publishes a message on an RabbitMQ Queue.

On the Basic tab, you can specify:

URI: URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the RabbitMQ Provider (e.g. amqp://localhost)

Queue/Topic Name: The name of the queue/topic where the message should be placed

Exchange: The name of the RabbitMQ Exchange

Mode: Can be Queue (Point-to-Point), Topic (Publish/Subscribe)


On the Advanced tab, you can specify:

Synchronous Acknowledge: If enabled, message acknowledgment will be sent by Listener after message delivered by this transport.

Declare: Create the queue/exchange if it does not already exist.

Durable: Are messages durable (survive RabbitMQ server restart)

Exclusive: Queue is exclusive to this connection.

Auto-Delete: Queue deleted when not in use

Message TTL: How long a message published to a queue can live before it is discarded (milliseconds)

Auto Expire: How long a queue can be unused for before it is automatically (milliseconds)

Max Length: How long a queue can be unused for before it is automatically deleted (milliseconds)

Dead Letter Exchange: The name of exchanged to send rejected messages to (must be set at time queue is created)



On the Properties tab, you can specify:

ContentEncoding property value

ContentType property value

CorrelationId property value

DeliveryMode property value

Expiration property value

MessageId property value

Priority property value

ReplyTo property value

Timestamp property value

Type property value

UserId property value

AppId property value

Headers property value

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