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Synchronous Response Transport

Synchronous Response Transport Allows You to Provide Data Back to the Listener to Send to the Source System

The eiConsole and eiPlatform support many different Listeners, which provide response data back to the calling system. When you wish to provide data back to the Listener to send to the Source System, you will configure this through a Synchronous Response Transport.

Synchronous Response Transport in PilotFish Integration Engine

Transport (Adapter) Configuration Drop-Down List

Using the eiConsole’s graphical Interfaces to configure a Synchronous Response Transport, you must first have a Listener in place that supports a Synchronous Response. The most typical example here would be an HTTP or a Web Service based Transport. Choose this option from the Transport Type drop-down.

The Synchronous Response Transport requires no further configuration. When data is received by a Synchronous Response Transport, it will simply take that message and notify the Listener that it is ready to be returned to the Source System.

Synchronous Response Transport Configuration Options

Synchronous Response Transport Panel

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