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Hadoop HDFS Transport

The Hadoop HDFS Transport – allows the user to write to the Hadoop HDFS Filesystem.

Select the Hadoop HDFS Transport from the drop-down.

On the Connection tab you can specify:

Host: the hostname of the Hadoop master server to connect to.
Port: the port on the Hadoop master server that is open for a connection.

The FileSystem tab allows the user to specify:

Target directory: the directory path to be written to, from the root of the HDFS filesystem;
Target file name: the file name to be utilized; if ‘Append to existing file’ not true, appended with numeric characters to generate unique names.
Target file extension: the extension to be utilized. Can also be specified as part of the file name.
If file exists: an action in case the Target file already exists: the user can choose the Create new or Overwrite option.

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