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Database Table (SQL) Transport – Stores data as records in a specified database table.

Select the Database Table (SQL) from the Transport Type drop-down.

The Database Table (SQL) transport is the pre-cursor to the Database (SQL) Transport. For all intents and purposes, the Database Table Transport has been deprecated and should rarely be used. However, should you wish to implement the Database Table (SQL) Transport, select Database Table (SQL) from the Transport Type drop-down. On the Basic configuration tab, enter in the name of the Table where data should be written. If there is a primary key column within that table, select the Use key field checkbox. When selected, you can enter the name of the key field or column.

On the Connection tab, you will specify the JDBC driver name. This is the class name to be used when connecting to the database. You must also provide a JDBC URL, which typically includes the server name and database name to connect to. Where authentication is required a User name and Password may also be entered into these configuration items.

On the Advanced tab, you have the Keep connection configuration item. This checkbox should be checked if you wish to keep the connection alive in between invocations of this Transport. The Separate transaction allows you to specify whether each row should be treated as a distinct transaction, or whether all rows extracted should be processed together.

Next, a look at the Directory / File Transport.

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