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MQTT Transport

The MQTT Transport sends messages to an MQTT topic.

On the Basic tab, you can specify:

MQTT Version: Version of MQTT to use.

On the Connection tab, you can specify:

MQTT Broker: MQTT broker to subscribe to

Topic(s): topics to interact with

Client ID: Unique Identifier for the client on the MQTT broker

Connection Timeout Interval: time (s) to wait for the client to connect to the broker

Enable Keep Alive: When enabled, allows the Listener to detect if a broker is unavailable without waiting on TCP/IP timeout.

Keep Alive Interval: max time between received message

Max Inflight Message: limit to number of message.

On the Persistence tab, you can specify:

Is Clean Session: creates a clean session which ignores persistence.

Persistence Type: method of persistence.

File Persistence Location: location of file persistence.

On the Security tab, you can specify:

Username: username for connection to the broker

Password: password for connection to the broker

Use SSL: enables SSL for the MQTT connection

KeyStore Type: type of KeyStore to load

KeyStore Algorithm: type of KeyStore algorithm to use

KeyStore File: location of KeyStore file to use

KeyStore Password: password for KeyStore

TrustStore Type: type of TrustStore to load

TrustStore Algorithm: type of TrustStore algorithm to use

TrustStore File: location of TrustStore file to use

TrustStore Password: password for TrustStore

On the Last Will and Testament tab, you can specify:

Enable Last Will and Testament: enables Last Will and Testament settings

LWT Topic Name: topic to send Last Will and Testament message to

LWT Message: Last Will and Testament Message

LWT QoS: quality of Service method for Last Will and Testament message

Retain LWT Message: whether or not a Last Will and Testament message should be retained.

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