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eiConsole General Documentation

Before users move on to the industry specific tutorials it is recommended that they get a foundation by going through the General and Quick Start Tutorials. The other tutorials and documentation are all modular so users can select the topics that are relevant to their specific use case of PilotFish software.

If you need help creating a curriculum for your particular use case please contact support. We’d be happy to put one together for you. After users gain a general understanding of the eiConsole they can move on to the industry specific documentation by following the industry links in the top menu.

eiConsole – General Basics

eiConsole (Foundation)

eiConsole (Basic)

eiConsole (Intermediate)

eiConsole (Advanced)

eiDashboard – (Operational Reporting)

eiPlatform – (Java Runtime)

PilotFish Interface Exchange

eiConsole Online Help

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