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eiConsole Advanced – Adapters / Listeners

eiConsole v.20R1

eiConsole Listener Types (Adapters)

By utilizing the eiConsole’s B2B Adapter (Listener) component, users can connect to any Source system or service regardless of what communication protocol is required.  The eiConsole offers a simple means for configuring Listeners via its graphical user Interface. Configuring a Listener is accomplished by simply clicking the Listener icon in the eiConsole’s 7 stage Assembly Line. The Listener configuration window appears. Users need only select a Listener type from the drop-down menu list, and fill in the configuration information for the type of Listener selected.

If you have a need for a particular listener that is not listed below please contact us at support@pilotfishtechnology.com.

The eiConsole includes the following Listeners, click on the hyperlinked list below for configuration details on each.

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