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eiConsole – B2B Processors (Adapters)

eiConsole v.22R1

eiConsole Processor Types (Adapters)

Easily Connect to Any Source System or Service and Configure It Using the Wide Range of B2B Adapters and Processors Available in the eiConsole

With the eiConsole’s Adapter Processors component the user can connect to any Source system or service regardless of the communication protocol. By way of a graphical Interface, the user can not only configure Listeners, but Processors can also be configured at this stage. Processors perform operations that affect all of the incoming data, and they may be layered in any order.

Immediately after the eiPlatform (the Java framework runtime component) accepts data you will have the opportunity to apply Processors. Similarly, before sending data to a Target System, you can again apply Processors. Processors are a mechanism to do general work over the data stream, either directly after it is received or immediately before it is sent. You can implement as many Processors as you would like at these two locations.

Choose the Processor Configuration Tab

This stage offers a wide range of time-saving features to the user. To add a Processor, simply click the Listener or Transport icon in the main Route grid. Then select the Processor Configuration Tab. To add a Processor click the Add Processor button.

Click on the Add Processor Button

Next, give the Processor a meaningful name and select the desired Processor type from the drop-down list.

Processor Configuration Drop-Down List

The Processor description text area provides a meaningful description of the chosen Processor capabilities. Next, select the Add button.

Add the Processor by Clicking the Add Button

The Processor that was created will now appear in the Processor grid.

List of Processors Selected

If you have multiple Processors, they can be added with the same process. These Processors can be reordered to match the order of execution for your interface by simply using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Arrange the Order of Processors

The eiConsole has 134 Processors (Adapters) included with it out-of-the-box. Click on any of the links below for detailed information of the many configuration options available for each Transport. The most popular Processors are highlighted in bold.

B2B Adapters – Processors
AL3 Compression Processor File Operation Processor SOAP Unwrap Processor
AL3 Decompression Processor File Time Setter Processor SOAP Wrap Processor
AL3 Delimiting Processor File Writing Processor Schema Validation Processor
API XL Processor FOP Processor Splunk Event Logging Processor
AWS S3 Operation Processor GZIP Compression Processor Static Attribute Map Processor
AWS Secret Retrieval Processor GZIP Decompression Processor Static File Processor
Ant Project Execution Hashing Processor Store Attribute Processor
Asymmetric Decryption Processor * Hex (Output) Processor Stream Normalizer Processor
Asymmetric Encryption Processor * HL7 Identification Processor * Symmetric Decryption Processor (Dummy)
Attribute Assertion Processor HL7 Validation Processor Symmetric Encryption Processor (Dummy)
Attribute Concatenation Processor HTTP Response Headers Processor Synchronus Response Processor *
Attribute Removal Processor HTTP Response Status Code Processor TAR Compression Processor
Authentication Processor Image to PDF Processor TAR Decompression Processor
Azure Blob Storage Processor JSON Formatting Processor Text Scrape Processor
Azure File Storage Processor JSON Web Token Generator Processor Throttling Response Processor
Base64 Input Processor * JSON Web Token Validation Processor Token Introspection Validation Processor
Base64 Output Processor * JSONPath Evaluation Processor Transaction Attribute Population Processor *
Blank XML Into Data Processor Jasper Reports Processor Transaction Audit Processor
Call Route Processor * Java Objects (Input) Processor Transaction Data Population Processor
Character Encoding Processor Java Objects (Output) Processor Transaction Database Insertion Processor
Command Line Data Escaping Processor Listener Triggering Processor Transaction ID to Attribute Processor
Command Line XML Generator Processor Log Message Processor Transformer – AL3 / XML
Compare to Reference XML File Processor MD5 Hashing Processor Transformer – CSV / XML
Compression (ZIP) Processor MIME Attachments Input Processor Transformer – Delimited and Fixed-Width File / XML
Counter Processor MIME Attachments Output Processor Transformer – EDI / XML
DICOM Input Processor MIME Configured Input Processor Transformer – Excel / XML
DICOM Output Processor MIME Configured Output Processor Transformer – HL7 2.x / XML
DOC Text Extractor Processor MTOM Input Processor Transformer – JSON / XML
Data Attribute Swapper Processor MTOM Output Processor URL Decoder Processor
Database (SQL) Processor Multipage TIFF to XML Processor UTF16 Decoding Processor
Decompression (ZIP) Processor Namespace XML Processor Validation Processor
Directory Concatenation PDF Filling Processor WS-Security Processor-In Processor
EBCDIC Input Processor PDF Text Extractor Processor WS-Security Processor-Out Processor
EBCDIC Output Processor PDF To XML Processor XML Formatting Processor
EDI Identification Processor * Pause Transaction Processor XML Normalization Processor
EDI SNIP Validation Processor * Peek Processor XML Wrap Processor
EDI Validation Processor PostgreSQL Copy Processor XPath (Un)Escaping Processor
Email Operation Processor RTF Text Extractor Processor XPath Evaluation Processor *
End of Line Conversion Processor RabbitMQ Processor XPath Insertion Processor
Excel Sheet Conversion Processor Read/Write Attributes Processor XPath Value Retrieval Processor
Exception Thrower Processor Record Extension Processor XSLT Transformation Processor
Execute Command Line Processor RegEx Into Transaction Attribute Processor ZIP Archive Compression Processor
Execute Script Processor Regular Expression Processor ZIP Archive Decompression Processor
FTP Operation Processor SHA1 Hashing Processor Zip Decompress To Directory Processor
File Deletion Processor SOAP Attachment Processor

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