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Center Panel Mapping Tab

The Center Panel Mapping Tab is where most of the mapping for the actual transformation schema is defined. The tab is made up of essentially three components, two of which are optional. The foremost and center component is the mapping panel – a highly intuitive, efficient, and powerful schema definition tool. Above the panel is the extensions panel, which directly augments the capability of the mapping panel. Finally there is the information panel, which describes information about the selected node in the mapping panel.

Extensions Panel
This panel allows components to be directly dragged and dropped onto the mapping panel and is defined in the Center Panel Mapping Tab Extensions Panel.

Mapping Panel
The heart of the intuitive layout of the Data Mapper, the mapping panel is defined in the Center Panel Mapping Tab Mapping Panel.

Information Panel
The information panel contains contextual information relating to the selected node in the mapping panel and is defined in the Center Panel Mapping Tab Information Panel.

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