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The Title Bar

The Title Bar

The Title Bar is a straightforward interface component that allows quick access to functions, which are organized into menus by their usage.

File Menu
The Title Bar File Menu contains functions primarily related to the manipulation of the local filesystem, either for saving and loading of the current mapping or for the import or export of data from and to files.

Formats Menu
The Title Bar Formats Menu contains functions that are best suited to the logical formatting of data, and will contain those components allowing for the definition of basic manipulation of Formats associated with the data mapping in use.

Mapping Menu
The Title Bar Mapping Menu contains functions for the direct mapping of XSLT and custom elements. Most items in this menu will directly pertain to the functional conversion from the source structure to the target structure.

View Menu
The Title Bar View Menu contains items that are largely used for the customization of the appearance of the mapping window, such as the ability to turn information panels on or off.

Help Menu
The Tile Bar Help Menu contains items that will either describe particular elements of the application or allow the user to obtain information contextually or for the application as a whole. Generally speaking, it will bring the user to this help system in some context.

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