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Center Panel Mapping Tab Mapping Panel
The Center Panel Mapping Tab Mapping Panel acts as the heart of the intuitive design of the Data Mapper. The panel displays the XSLT mapping schema currently loaded in an intuitive, graphical context. Nodes and elements are color-coded according to source and target formats. Equally useful, the basic hierarchy displayed for these nodes is the same hierarchy that will be applied in the transformation mapping for the schema. Nodes may be clicked on and interacted with individually, allowing for them to be dragged around, moved, deleted, or modified in many ways. Because the target format is the desired endpoint for the transformation schema, source nodes must be placed inside target nodes, allowing for fast and accurate mapping. The mapping panel has built-in type and field checking, so mistakes are checked for even as the user works.

This is an example of what a node resembles in the mapping panel. It is important to note that this node is blue, designating it as a source element.

This is an example of a subnode. It is important to note that this node is green, designating that it is a target element and should be encapsulated in a target element.

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