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Format Reader Dialog

The Format Reader Dialog allows the user to import a format for the source or target formats from a file or another data descriptor.

Format Reader Selection
The Format Reader Selection allows the user to specify what type of format reader to use. These readers allow for the importation of format data from a variety of sources, and are defined in the Format Readers Definitions.

Reader Description Field
The Reader Description Field displays information about the currently selected format reader (if one has been selected).

Configuration Panel
The Configuration Panel allows the user to configure the specified format reader, usually in designating the input sources. Because this panel may vary depending on the format reader selected, only generic information about it is provided here.

Read Format Button
The Read Format Button allows the user to perform the actions associated with the specified format reader and input sources.

Cancel Button
The Cancel Button will close the dialog with no changes to the source or target formats.

Help Button
The Help Button will raise this help system.

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