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ACORD KeyedValue Element Dialog

The ACORD KeyedValue Element Dialog allows the user to modify, view, and manipulate ACORD KeyedValue elements in the source and target format trees.

Key Name Field
The Key Name Field allows the user to enter a desired name for the new KeyedValue element.

Type Code Selection
The Type Code Selection allows the user to select a type code for the new KeyedValue element.

Key Value Table
The Key Value Table lists current key values for the new KeyedValue element.

New Value Field
The New Value Field allows the user to enter a new value into the key value table.

Add Button
The Add Button allows the user to add a new value to the key value table using the name provided in the appropriate field by the user.

Delete Button
The Delete Button removes the currently selected value from the key value table, if one is selected.

OK Button
The OK Button finishes modification to the current or new KeyedValue element.

Cancel Button
The Cancel Button closes the dialog with no changes made.

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