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Excel Sheet Converter Processor

The eiConsole and eiPlatform have the native capability to accept an XLS file or Excel spreadsheet for conversion into an XML format. There are two ways to do this.

First, you can use the Excel Sheet Converter Processor.

Select the Processor Configuration tab and click on Add Processor.

Select the Excel Sheet Converter Processor from the drop-down.

On the Basic tab, you will see a Sheet Index configuration item. This asks you to provide the Excel worksheet that you wish to convert into XML. By default, this is “0” – which would be the first sheet. The Password protected configuration item specifies if the file is password protected. The Password configuration item asks you to provide the File password.

On the Conditional Execution tab, you can set additional processor execution conditions. The Transaction data dependent condition may be specified here as enhanced expression. If this expression returns anything other than TRUE (ignore case) – this processor will be skipped.

On the Advanced tab, you can choose to enter a custom Column or Row Delimiter.
The output of this Processor will be an XML based representation of the Excel file that was converted.

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