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Read/Write Attributes Processor

The Read/Write Attributes Processor reads or writes the Transaction Attributes to a file, to persist them between Transactions. NOTE: Only Serializable attribute types will be written.

Select the Processor Configuration tab and click on Add Processor.


Select the Read/Write Attributes Processor from the drop-down.

Select the Basic tab.

The Operation drop-down allows the users to choose the operation this processor should run, either reading or writing the attributes.
The Directory Path defines the directory that the attributes file is in.
The Attributes Filename is the name of the attributes file, including its extension.
The Overwrite Restore Attributes checkbox specifies if the attributes that already exist with the same name as the ones being read should be overwritten.
The Continue on Error checkbox – if enabled, the transaction will not be aborted in case of an error occurrence.

In the Conditional Execution tab, you can set additional processor execution conditions. The Transaction data dependent condition may be specified here as enhanced expression. If this expression returns anything other than TRUE (ignore case) – this processor will be skipped. No additional configuration for this Processor is required.

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