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RegEx Into Transaction Attribute Processor

The RegEx Into Transaction Attribute Processor runs a RegEx on incoming data and populates the matched text by group into the specified transaction attribute.

Select the Processor Configuration tab and click on Add Processor.


Select the RegEx Into Transaction Attribute Processor from the drop-down.

Select the Basic tab.

The RegEx: This is a regular expression string value that will be used to find matches in the current transaction data (must contain at least one set of parentheses in order for a grouping to be found – see Field3 for Match Group Number)

The Transaction Attribute Name: This is the transaction attribute that will be populated with the data found in the match.

The Match Group Number: This is the group number you want to grab from the matches of the RegEx. So, if you have two set of parents in the RegEx – you have two groups to choose from – so typing a 1 will choose the first group.

In the Conditional Execution tab, you can set additional processor execution conditions. The Transaction data dependent condition may be specified here as enhanced expression. If this expression returns anything other than TRUE (ignore case) – this processor will be skipped. No additional configuration for this Processor is required.

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