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Regular Expression (RegEx) Processor

Regular Expression (RegEx) Processor – Runs a set of regular expression (RegEx) replacements on incoming data.

The eiConsole and eiPlatform include Regular Expression Processors that can be used to search for particular terms in a data stream and replace them with other terms. This can be particularly useful when escaping or un-escaping certain sequences of characters. As with all the components of the eiConsole the user is presented with a graphical interface with easy to configure panels.

Select the Processor Configuration tab and click on Add Processor.

Select the Regular Expression (RegEx) Processor from the drop-down.

The Basic tab that will allow you to provide a regular expression and the value that should be used to replace it. As many terms and replacements as you’d like can be added to the grid.

Use System Default Encoding: if checked, uses the systems default encoding. If unchecked, it allows the Encoding field to specify the encoding.

Encoding: the encoding to use for the Regular Expression input; set to ISO-8859-1 for most other cases.

Post Regex Operation: Choose an operation to run after the RegEx replacements are complete.

The Test RegEx button opens a dialog to test RegEx replacement.

In the Conditional Execution tab, you can set additional processor execution conditions. The Transaction data dependent condition may be specified here as enhanced expression. If this expression returns anything other than TRUE (ignore case) – this processor will be skipped. No additional configuration for this Processor is required.

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