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eiConsole Advanced – Processors / Adapters

eiConsole v.20R1

List of eiConsole Processors (Adapters)

The eiConsole Adapter Processor component allows users to connect to any Source system or service, regardless of the communication protocol, to any target system(s). Using the eiConsole’s graphical Interface, users can not only configure Listeners, but Processors may also be configured at this stage. The Processors perform operations that affect all of the incoming data. They can also be layered in any order.

Immediately after the eiPlatform (interface engine) accepts data you will have the opportunity to apply any Processors. In the same manner, before sending data to a Target System you can again apply Processors. Processors are the mechanism that enables you to do general work over the data stream. This can be done either directly after it is received or immediately before it is sent. You may implement as many Processors as you wish at these two locations.

Processor types are constantly being added. Please contact us if you have a requirement for a Processor that is not on this list.

The eiConsole offers an extensive list of Processor types.

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